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“...Each of you is a perfect expression of God’s intent. You have within you the capacity to make mistakes but not to fail. Failure is an illusion of those who serve a god of fear, a god whose love is contingent and incomplete.”

from Chapter 3 (A Universe of Intent):

“...The underlying substance of the universe is intent. Your intent, and where you fasten your attention determines your manifest universe. There is but one intelligence, one current running through all creatures, through everything; but, as it is channeled it is focused in many different ways through the purposeful intent of the different dimensions and varying situations, like a high voltage current passing through a series of step-down transformers. Intent radiates fields of energy not visible to the physical sight. Your needs—for survival, security, self-esteem, a sense of belonging, your spirituality, even the tragedies of your life—are all part of your intent...”

“...So, how does the universe know what you want?...By watching to see what you are fascinated by, what you find compelling, thrilling, mysterious, horrifying, gripping, dreadful, or awesome. Then, once it knows what your preoccupations are, without any sort of value judgement, the universe gives you exactly that. Be fascinated with what you don’t want, and you’ll get more of what you don’t want. Be fascinated with what you do want, and you’ll get more of it.”

from Chapter 4 (Resonant Causation/Emanation):

“...The single most powerful element at play here is your own divine essence...The emanation of presence is about evoking and strengthening divine attributes in other people. Allowing your presence to be fully here for Spirit to use does nothing more than evoke those particular qualities in the people to whom you are emanating. And you don’t need to know or do anything. Intention and openness are key, but no technique is involved. You just have to go to bed at night, knowing who you are. Wake up in the morning, knowing who you are. Go shopping, walking in the mall, talking on the telephone, sitting in a restaurant or a theater; do anything, do nothing, but know who you are. And that “knowing” will vibrate throughout your environment, causing the awareness of individual human cells to accelerate exponentially...”

from Chapter 5 (End of Time):

“...The awakening is a current universal event, but it is not happening “out there”; it is taking place inside of you, each of you, in this very moment. The real frontier is the moment that surrounds you now, which is outside of time. The present is always outside of time. In fact, time as you know it is coming to an end. The prophecies are true; this is the “end of time.” That doesn’t mean that the world is coming to an end; it simply means that you are giving up linear time for holographic time—time measured by events rather than calendars. In a truly malleable universe, time is not a quantity but a quality; it exists, but cannot be measured.

“...Stay in the moment. Live your life as though it had been created for one special event, an event for which you have already been prepared and given the tools necessary to perform it. What you don’t know is what that event is or when it might occur, so your duty is to pay attention to each single moment. That doesn’t mean be fearful or anxious, just attentive. There is nothing you can do to elude any moment but cultivate an openness to the unknown so that whatever occurs you can be fully present for it.

from Chapter 6 (Spirit/Ego: The Noble Experiment)

“...The body is spirit coalesced into a form that the senses can feel, see, and smell; the mind is spirit in a form that can be heard and understood. Spirit itself, in pure form, is neither of these and can be perceived only by refined intuition. Spirit is a direct experience, but it transcends this world. When you gain knowledge of any single thing in the universe you gain limited knowledge; when you gain knowledge of spirit, you become knowingness itself.

“...At the full awakening...ego and spirit will meld together into one thing, the same thing with different but complementary functions. Until then, each time you expand into a higher level of awareness, assume more spirit, you threaten the ego’s comfort zone, and it responds by making you fearful of your own life...In actuality, the ego is being made to suffer its own death. You will, indeed, feel like you are dying...

from Chapter 7 (The Holographic Universe):

“...The laws of one moment do not necessarily apply to the next. Likewise, a picture of that same moment taken by two different observers with different intent, will generate a different hologram, fixed with different realities, drawing different conclusions. Any dimensional shift occurring within a hologram is simply the vibrational variance of your own conscious intent when observing the hologram. You see what you want to see. The universe is what you think it is. And every time you change, the universe changes...

“...The laws of physics, so called, aren’t fixed at all. They aren’t even laws. They are simply habits of thought, the single pattern of a hologram done again and again until it becomes a habit, belief in a certain way of thinking held for so long it appears to be immutable.  In fact, the only immutable law of physics is that of mutability, change. The laws of physics are just one program in the cosmic computer, but a program repeated so often it has become one of nature’s habits.  

“...Indeed, the laws of physics would seem to be encoded in our DNA. Learn to change your DNA, alter your genetic coding—which is exactly what the ascension is about—and all bets are off, the so-called ‘laws of physics’ are up for grabs.”

from Chapter 9 (The Surrendering):

“...Personal transformation requires that your heart be kept open and your mind still. Most of you are in the habit of doing just the opposite. Your sense of separation, anger, and fear comes from the mind’s incessant chatter, depending on the ego/intellect to rationalize, read, or otherwise think your way through a problem. When this fails, the heart shrinks back in fear. It is your own mind that causes your heart to close. And when the heart is closed, the universe can nourish neither it nor you...”

from Chapter 12 (The Ascension):

“...Ascension is not difficult or complicated. It is a change that occurs in an instant, but you are still here. The Sun will still shine and the stars will continue to come and go. Your mortgage won’t go away. The difference is your ability to live in and feel joy...

“...The easiest way to verify that ascension has happened is to note the quality of joy in a person’s life. Defined as samadhi, ecstasy, or rapture, joy is a state of oneness with whomever or whatever you think God is. You may experience it as being your center, or being on your center; it is that clear space you sometimes achieve in deep meditation when the energy is flowing unimpeded and you feel no separation, an absolute oneness with all that is. Whatever brings you to that pleasure or feeling of lightness, and whatever you would define as joy, is your pathway to that state. The beginning of the ascension is when a person begins living life by creating their fantasies as their reality, and finds joy in what they have created.

“...Perhaps the best way in which you can serve God, serve all mankind, serve the planet, and serve yourselves is to create your lives as expressions of joy. Be ruthless in evaluating your lives, and clear everything that does not bring you joy. Come into integrity. Let go of old emotions, old issues, even old relationships that are consuming the energy you could be feeling joy with. This path makes the ascension very simple; all that’s required is for each individual to begin focusing on and taking responsibility for his own life. There are no victim’s here, and everyone is responsible for keeping his own cage clean..

“... Everything is happening so fast right now that there is simply no time to spend in a specific place, at a particular altar, paying homage to a single method or teacher. Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you or tell you how. Pursue your own ascension according to your own understanding and service. As you move through the cycles of prayer to meditation, to contemplation to one, you will be shown. You are all of these on the run, so to speak. All that you need is already present inside of you, waiting to be recognized. The altar is movable. The ascension is equal. You will experience it in whatever way you can accept it.”

from Chapter 14 (From Grief to Grace):

“...Grief, fear, anger, anxiety, those are all just labels for identifying an energy that is moving through your body of consciousness. Don’t identify with the labels. Don’t react to them; reacting simply puts them back into your pattern to deal with again later. Instead, choose to observe them without judgement, and then ride them out, complete the clearing, and be done with it. That way there is no residue left over, nothing hanging out in your energy fields...”

from the last chapter (God Is An Outlaw):

“You are the universe. Your universe is your way of relating to who and what you are. If your vision is short and narrow then your universe will be short and narrow. The universe is the sum of your vision. The center of the universe is wherever you happen to be. Every single thing in the universe is an extension of everything else, a continuum. It’s all in perfect order. And it’s all God. Random doesn’t exist in the universe. It is just not possible for disorder to exist in a universe that is ultimately unbroken and whole. The same is true of consciousness. I mean, if a single element of the universe were totally unconscious, the whole universe would be unconscious and random. Any separation of consciousness and matter is an illusion. They are the same thing. Consciousness is simply a more subtle form of matter. Every rock, toad, star, comet, bridge, and automobile has consciousness. The entire universe is made from a single fabric, seamless and holographic in nature. And everything has consciousness...

“...And because everything is a function of consciousness you can move in any direction you like, create any possibility, alter the outcome of any event, affect whatever level of harmony or chaos you choose. What appears as chaos is simply a high degree of order.

“...So learn to trust the chaos. Chaos is God’s natural and unfiltered voice; it is Divine Order. And it always accompanies change.

“...For too long you have played games you do not care about, by rules you don’t believe in. If you have been following the rules, and find yourself being angry, negative, resentful, and judgmental, stop following the rules for awhile. Stop living by laws and codes of behavior laid down in the dark ages....The Creator didn’t make the rules you follow. The Creator doesn’t make you do anything. Life is dynamic creation in action. Experience your own rightness of feeling. Claim your own reality, your own divinity. Stop looking outside yourself for answers. But don’t let the negative side of your ego, the martyr, the self-pitying dark side of your self take over. There is joy in risking, in making new, in going beyond the rules. (If the dream is big enough, even the facts don’t count.) In the end the choice is always yours, but there are no wrong choices. Each choice has its consequence, but the only moral criterion is love—for oneself, one’s neighbor, one’s enemy, one’s life.

“...Stop measuring your relationship with God by whether or not you like your job, enjoy your life, or are getting laid properly. God is not a romantic. She doesn’t care what you do or who you are doing it to...”

“...The path of the Spirit is not the path of human matter; it is a deviation from the norm, from the rational, from anything egoistically coherent. To have an intimate relationship with the living Spirit you must be willing to enter into chaos and recognize the clarity in it, the divine order that transcends human order; learn to live in and with a mystery that cannot be explained in human terms, and be at home in the uncertainty. Stay balanced in there. Stay conscious, fully alive, excited, exciting, curious, and peaceful, all within the same one mystery.

“And stop expecting God to behave like a rational human being. God is neither rational nor human.

“Nor is God a fortune teller, a judge, or an accountant. Living by grace that transcends any law or rule of decorum, God is an outlaw. And the universe is exactly what you think it is. (What you think, is.) Any set idea you may have about the organization and structure of the universe helps to mold and create that structure. If you don’t like the universal hologram you are presently in, change your way of thinking. No single hologram, no one reality, nor any single cause-and-effect relationship can ever explain the infinite. Know this: If you can name it, define it, or describe it, that’s probably not it.


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“[Mr. Gammill] is a gifted writer and mystic with a rich inner life which includes a pipeline to dictated material from multiple sources and visions that he describes and interprets in his book, The Gathering. He is psychically attuned to a much bigger world than most of us live in. His first-person account which begins with the events of April 23, 1996 is spell-binding and magical.” – review*

*To see the entire review click the following link and scroll down to #11)



The following excerpts are from THE GATHERING:

from Chapter 2 (Who Are They):

“...Ultimately, you can only be inhabited by your self. There is nothing that you will meet on any plane or dimension that is not ‘you’ or your creation. The fact of the matter is, we all come from the same place, and when we are there, we are the same thing. There is only one of us here, and it is you....

“What you call God, is simply the Creative Source, i.e., the source of all creation. To be ‘made in God’s image’ does not mean that we all look or think alike, but that we are each endowed with this same tendency and ability to create—along with God, we are co-creators of our universe. More than that, what you create, you become; and even God is not exempt. God created the universe and then entered in.”

from Chapter 16 (The God Within)

“...I am not being dictated to by beings that are out of body, though it might seem so on occasions. Instead, I am being made to connect with some deep projection of my self, call it the higher self, call it the divine self, the deep self, whatever; this is about learning to listen to the spirit within rather than any external authority. That spirit isn’t out to trick you or terrify you; quite the opposite. Its purpose is to guide and inform. In doing so, it will appear to you in a way that you are best able to accept and blend with it. It may change costumes from time to time; it may even alter an occasional fact, but it never lies...I call that spirit, the god within.

“...The god within is an element of the universal hologram that makes possible an intimate relationship with the Creator/Mother/Father/God of us all. It makes personal experience of the divinity a reality. Without knowledge of the god within, you may experience the Spirit of God, but you will never know its source within yourself. In order to know God at this level, you must be prepared to surrender your ordinary mind for the extraordinary; give up all belief systems and stop looking for something or someone “out there” to save you...

“...In that instant in which you begin to cooperate with God, you realize that God never really needed your cooperation in the first place. You cannot make a wrong choice. You cannot choose the wrong life or the wrong occupation. Your family, friends, and lovers are perfect; they are, at least to this moment, exactly who you need. You are always doing exactly what God intends for you to be doing. Frustration and anger ensues only when you think you should be living your life any other way. The god within you brought you here. If you would rather be someone else, somewhere else, you are always free to choose and choose again, but even your decision to choose differently is guided by your god within...





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